These are excellent educational programs I have personally used that appeal to both young and adult learners for remedial or enrichment purposes; they help learners meaningfully communicate and connect with each other.

  1. Edmentum Study Island – research-based curriculum, assessments, and practice aligned to state standards and designed to engage all students.
  2. Discovery Education Streaming Plus – “Accelerate student achievement… by capturing the minds and imaginations of students with the fascination of Discovery, tapping into their natural curiosity and desire to learn.” – Discovery Education
  3. Alpha Omega Monarch – award winning online homeschooling solution that offers automatic grading and recordkeeping.
  4. AOP Educational Placement Tests – “Not only can you avoid the possibility of learning gaps (a problem that occurs because concepts are not uniformly presented at the same time within all curriculum), you can also determine if your child is being challenged too little or too much.” – AOP
  5. Khan Academy – their mission is to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere