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A co-creative community is built on the high-risk foundation of mutual trust. No other investment is as risky and rewarding as consigning one’s welfare to another.

The rewards of being part of community often far outweigh the risk. But the risk remains huge compared to that of more efficient productivity hacks.

Whoever looks forward to the reward of a co-creative community must also count its cost. Countless leaders have evaded conflict because they fail to envision the ROI of co-creating equally with the lowly and the mighty.

Forgetting the story of David and Goliath, many leaders look to giants to enlarge their territory. Many choose to pay the price by being the giant’s slaves, for the love of security. What they fail to see is that power by itself cannot create compassion, but compassion always creates power. (From the Latin word, compassionis, compassion literally means “to suffer together.”)

So the question I hope to ask friends (and dearly loved enemies) is this: What’s the cost of building your tribe?

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