Custom Language Development

Helping businesses and organizations solve problems and capture opportunities with connection.

Reduce Risk

Communication is inherently filled with unknowns. You need a process centered around reducing risks and improving the likelihood of success.

Build Relationships

Usher in a great work environment and help your partners. Learn to value the human interactions that come along with your work.

Improve Continually

Never be done working to get better. Have core values centered on trust—like learn and grow, embrace change, and be humble—let them encompass your desire to be better and help clients do so as well.

Companies I Served

“Feb's service has been vital to our development as a sales force and tourist destination, particularly in our foreign relations... Over the years, (she) counseled us on various communication-related issues... I am highly satisfied with her professionalism and the way she executes every task..."
CEO, hosted the Winter Olympics
“I have known Feb to be one of the few who knew more about the background of language teaching... I can attest that her knowledge and skills would make her succeed in any context. Indeed, she will definitely asset in any institution."
Professor, Language Education Area of one of world's top 400 universities

No man is an island, and even islands are made for explorers. If you feel unknown or misunderstood, or you are afraid of knowing or exploring your people, join me in learning to reflect the G.I.F.T.S. of every person you meet so we can discover beauty and love even in the most hostile workplace and environment. I invite you to partner with me in touching the untouchables and stirring even your enemies to peace and good work.

How my Initiatives Work Together

All these programs are standalone programs — but I have some ideas about how they best work together, depending on the challenges you’re facing, the skills your people currently have and the impact you want to make.

Giving to Your Organization

Cross-Cultural Trust Model

A universal barometer for trustworthiness to guide storytellers, speakers, and sales people within and across cultures, generations, and ranks.

Give presentations.

C.O.N.N.E.C.T.: Cross-Cultural Newness Initiative™

Kingdom-mindset model of influence and change.

Give insight.

G.I.F.T.S. of Connection™

A global peacemaking language development framework for teams, companies, organizations, communities, and networks of all sizes.

Give feedback/coaching.

P.L.A.N.E.T. Reform

A 360° training and development method for all ages, all levels of education, and all fields of work.

Give training.

Giving to the World

From Honesty to Integrity™

Rebuild lives while you learn or connect with your target market. Partner with me in a prison/rehabilitation dream project for the recovery of unschooled, unskilled, unloved inmates. Enhance your company's teamwork or marketing effectiveness by helping the incarcerated.

Give hope.

G.I.F.T.S. Networking/Partnership

Find ways to be part of the G.I.F.T.S. CONNECT revolution.

Give faith.

G.I.F.T.S. Operation Crowdsourcing for the Homeless

Make a difference on your way to your transformation. Let fundraising pay for your communication development as you advocate to help give shelter, education and livelihood, or to help create a thriving community for the world's biggest homeless population.

Give love.

Giving to the Next Generation

Explorative Learning (eLearning)

Standards-aligned basic and general education recommendations for professionals and out-of-school youths in remedial or enrichment program.

Academic Articles

University papers on the use of language and professional teaching and learning.

Sample Lesson Plans for Young People

K-12 inclusive instruction strategies for cross-cultural interdisciplinary classrooms.

Critique of Learning Systems

A call for global reforms in primary and secondary education.

Gifts of Connection™

  • Visualize

Share knowledge and insights about your business, your priorities, and your goals.

  • Prioritize

Work with a listener to establish the vision and direction for your project.  

  • Buffer

Let’s partner to build, iterate, and adapt to emerging communication needs.

  • Customize

Design or map your replicable new-found solutions.

Your impact can last.